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Cashmere Mix Boat Neck Sweater

Cashmere Mix Boat Neck Sweater

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Discover the essence of understated luxury, infuse a touch of loungewear sophistication with the Cashmere Mix Boat Neck Sweater – where simplicity meets sophistication, and every thread tells a story of mindful living. Designed for versatility and comfort, this sweater seamlessly transitions from professional engagements to relaxed moments. Its timeless appeal ensures a lasting presence in your wardrobe, transcending fleeting trends. At LÈMME, each creation is a humble ode to craftsmanship. This sweater is a silent proclamation of our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the pursuit of a slower, more intentional lifestyle. - 40% wool 30% viscose 20% polyamide 10% cashmere - Regular fit - Plain knit body and sleeves - tubolar cuffs, hem and neckline


Model #1 wears size M Model height 5’8

Model #2 wears a size L Model height is 5’8

Care instructions: Hand wash in warm water at (30*c)

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